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Glifted - Under and In - CD (Martians Go Home Records) []

Artist Glifted
Title Under and In
Format CD
Label Martians Go Home Records
Catalog No MGH-004
Released 10/22/2002
Originally Released 10/22/2002
Country of Release United States of America
Playing Time 41:43
Bitrate Lossless
Codec FLAC
Bit Depth 16-bit
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
Pre-Emphasis No
Replay Gain -7.41 dB
Logchecker 60
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Track Title Recorded Time
Under and In 41:43
1. Is There Any Always 957Kbps [stereo] 4:36
2. The Scare 972Kbps [stereo] 3:02
3. On and On 966Kbps [stereo] 2:48
4. Baby's Blue 827Kbps [stereo] 3:30
5. Heavy Ion 569Kbps [stereo] 1:42
6. Last in Line 1017Kbps [stereo] 3:18
7. Every Single Second 828Kbps [stereo] 2:45
8. The Ground 1086Kbps [stereo] 2:23
9. Red Lift 466Kbps [stereo] 4:30
10. Dromoscope 745Kbps [stereo] 3:24
11. untitled 500Kbps [stereo] 9:45