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Papa M - Live From a Shark Cage - CD (Domino) []

Artist Papa M
Title Live From a Shark Cage
Format CD
Label Domino
Catalog No WIGCD71
Bar Code No 5034202007128
Released 10/25/1999
Originally Released 10/25/1999
Country of Release United Kingdom
Playing Time 59:07
Bitrate Lossless
Codec FLAC
Bit Depth 16-bit
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
Pre-Emphasis No
Replay Gain -3.90 dB
Logchecker 0
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Track Title Recorded Time
Live From a Shark Cage 59:07
1. Arundel 489Kbps [stereo] 1:05
2. Roadrunner 681Kbps [stereo] 5:11
3. Pink Holler 627Kbps [stereo] 5:01
4. Plastic Energy Man 615Kbps [stereo] 5:36
5. Drunken Spree 688Kbps [stereo] 9:05
6. Bups 608Kbps [stereo] 1:12
7. Crowd of One 576Kbps [stereo] 3:35
8. I Am Not Lonely With Cricket 612Kbps [stereo] 14:56
9. Knocking the Casket 622Kbps [stereo] 3:32
10. Up North Kids 701Kbps [stereo] 5:15
11. Arundel 556Kbps [stereo] 4:39